We work with our clients on what they want and need. We use our skills and experience to implement commerciality and drive profit by partnership through the creation of new commercial revenues and the delivery of cost savings and efficiencies.

The passion we have for what we do defines us as a company. We feel strongly about every client and are devoted to bringing commerciality to each and every one. It’s in our blood.

Founded in 2001, the International Partnership Group's areas of expertise are diverse and wide-ranging. IPG Commercial Partnerships is responsible for delivering and managing some of the highest grossing commercial partnerships in the world. IPG’s Corporate Barter Network represents many of the world’s most prolific brands and has generated cost efficiencies of millions of dollars for its clients. IPG Commercial Consultancy has been instrumental in providing extensive turnkey advice, representation and commercial solutions to some of the most recognised and reputed blue-chip clients in every continent.